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Youtuber & blogger
giglio / 2012-09-17

Lovelywholesale offrono sconti speciali e campioni gratuiti per la moda-Industria Blogging leader per promuovere il nostro sito web e prodotti. nonesitate a contattare con noi se siete interessati e soddisfano tutte le seguenti richieste.As different countries have different customs policy, we can't assume your import customs.

1. First of all, register on

Possiamo inviare solo biglietterie o coupon quando hai un account su lovelywholesale.

2. Qualifiche di Blogger di moda.

- Established Bloggers
- Female
- Ages 15-35
- Those who love blogging about their own style!
Please send your platform links to one of the following email according to your main platform first. We will check it in a week and reply if you are approved. After being approved, you are one of our official Fashion Bloggers. for who has over 2000 followers on blog.

fb @ lovelywholesale. com for who has over 10,000 likes on facebook.

pin @ lovelywholesale. comfor who has over 5000 followers on Pinterest.

tumblr@lovelywholesale.comfor who has over 10,000 followers on tumblr.

instagram @ lovelywholesale. comper chi ha oltre 50.000 follower suinstagram. for who has over 10,000 subscribers on Youtube.

If you manage various platform with huge follows or other cooperation please contact

3. Special Rules for Fashion Bloggers.

- Maintain lovelywholesale current banner on your blogs homepage, where applicable.
- All photos must be posted on your forum(s) within 7 days after receiving the items.
- All Posted photos and comments contain links to our homepage (
www. lovelywholesale. com), o direttamente al prodottos page.
- Maintain current promotions, as provided by lovelywholesale, on your forum(s). This is normally a weekly event.

- lovelywholesale si riserva il diritto di raccogliere foto e / o messaggi dai nostri blogger e riporterà questi articoli sulle nostre piattaforme ufficiali.

TAGLIA:120x600 & 160x600:
SIZE: 250x250 & 300x250:

TAGLIA:120x600 & 160x600:
SIZE: 250x250 & 300x250:

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